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          ULC Listed Fire, Burglary & Financial 3rd Party Contract Alarm Monitoring Services for Security Professionals.
          Latest Update:
          Armstrong's National Alarm Monitoring is announcing that they have acquired the monitoring assets of Surveillance Plus Inc.in Montreal, QC.Armstrong's National Alarm Monitoring bas...
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          The very latest in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Alarm Monitoring
          Welcome to Armstrong National Alarm Monitoring
          We have been providing exceptional ULC listed alarm monitoring services to independent security dealers across Canada since 1989 with a proven track record of reliability and customer satisfaction.

          Armstrong's also provides Two-way Audio PERS Medical Monitoring with dedicated staffing trained in PERS monitoring Services, in both English and French.

          Armstrong's does not sell, install or quote on security tenders, we take pride in specializing in security monitoring services for Independent Security Installers, it is the sole purpose of our business, and that is why our company slogan is "Armstrong's is your Partner, Not your Competitor."

          We have a ULC listed (Burglar, Fire & Financial Shared Service Listing's) Central Station located in Dartmouth, NS, and our sister fully bi-lingual station in Moncton, NB, and our newest Central in 2019 in Edmonton AB. The three centrals are linked together along with our disaster recovery site in Plano, TX this gives Armstrong's complete redundancy.
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